At Luceplan we want even what happens in the factory to live up to our product choices, which are: quality, beauty, effectiveness. But also and especially: the environmental compatibility of our whole production process – from choice of materials to the selection of suppliers, from packaging to the management of relations with our sales network and with the customers themselves.

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Overview - LucePlan


Luceplan’s Contemporary Italian lighting Contemporary designs of lighting are very famous in the modern world. Luceplan is an Italian company engaged in making some of the best lighting fixtures, including contemporary. Three young architects Riccardo Sarfatti, Paolo Rizzatto and Sandra Severi decided to step in the business of lighting fixtures. They formed a company, Luceplan in 1978. Today, Luceplan is one of the leading companies engaged in the industry of lighting. All three of them, since the formation of the company, has worked hard in designing and experimenting on some of the best lighting products for their customers. Company is always dedicated in providing quality stuff to their customers. They take a good care in improving and enhancing their existing products on a regular basis. Their passion for designing the products is highly appreciated all over the nation. In the current era, environment safety is a major factor. Luceplan is also dedicated in providing products that do not affect the environment. They are engaged in making of some energy-efficient lighting systems. They make use of LED as one of the key elements in their designs. Use of LED lights ensures that the device is energy-efficient and more flexible as compared to any other light source. LED lights consumes less energy and produces an almost same amount of light as in the case of traditional light. Company’s commitment in maintaining the ecological balance of the environment is appreciated all over the world. Luceplan provides a wide range of lighting fixtures for both interiors and exteriors. They make some of the top-class fixtures with quality materials. Their products are not only beautiful, but also resilient. Their products have a long life as the parts used in the making of fixtures is of great quality. Company also believes in the concept of recycling. So, they design a product keeping all these things in the mind. From time to time, company has introduced a lot of innovative lighting products in the market. Luceplan provides various types of lighting fixtures, including table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, suspension and architectural. Their design of table lamps is very simple, yet eye-catching. Some of Luceplan’s table lamps include Agaricon, Bap, Berenice, Costanzina, Fortebraccio, Mirandolina and StarLed Light. Most of their table lamps have two variants, one with traditional light, and other with LED light. Most table lamps are made of metal structures with an excellent smooth finish. Wall lamp series of Luceplan is also very popular. Some of the wall lamps from Luceplan include Any, Bap, Berenice, Hope, Metropoli, Orchestra, LightDisc and Sky. Bap is most popular among these lamps. It uses fluorescent light and creates an amazing effect. It is especially designed to balance the light emission from the sources such as computers. Luceplan has received a lot of awards as a recognition for their work. Hope, a wall lamp from Luceplan has won many awards, including Reddot award, Good Design award and Compasso d'Oro. Sky, one of the designs of Luceplan won Lights of the Future award in 2008.

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