Everyone in the home uses the bathroom daily this room needs to be properly lit. When considering modern bathroom lighting options, one has to keep in mind that safety comes first; seeing as there is water involved which is dangerous when coming in contact with electricity. Any lighting fixture that you choose should meet the safety regulations in your particular state.

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Exciting Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas Normally they should be about six feet away from any water source such as the tub, shower and sink. To be on the safe side always consult a qualified electrician before mounting any light in the bathroom by your self. These modern lighting ideas also dramatically change the appearance of your bathroom, for instance they can appear a small bathroom appear larger. Always go for lighting options that give a warm and relaxing atmosphere to your bathroom. Although you have to go for functional bathroom lighting, you do not have to compromise on style. One lighting options are ceiling lights like the spotlight which are supposed to be water proofed to keep them safe from coming in to contact with water. Lantern style lamps mounted on the wall can help maximize the bathrooms height and help homeowners avoid over-cluttering. Scones are great for modern bathroom lighting as they can be placed next to vanity mirrors without casting shadows which can be very annoying. They come in a variety of designs such as the Victorian scrolled metal work and contemporary blown glass that appeal to modern home owners. Scones reek of style with a touch of class that gives the home that vintage charm. This means that they not only serve a utilitarian function but also add décor to your bathroom. Scones are ideal for bathrooms that have low ceiling with little space for lighting. Track lighting is another modern way to decorate your bathroom and change its appearance dramatically for those who want a make over. Track lights enhance modern bathrooms as they come in various attractive designs and shapes. They can be for instance S shaped, arched or round and can be customized to take the shape that you want them to depending on the home owner’s taste. If your bathroom has a high ceiling or is very big you can use a chandelier to decorate and add lighting to your bathroom space. They are appropriate for the bathroom since they cover more areas with different levels of light in one unit. Avoid using chandeliers on bathrooms with low ceilings as that are not safe since they can easily come into contact with water or can be over bearing and look out of place. A modern bathroom will not be complete without vanity light which is a light mounted on the bathroom mirrors. It is the most important light fixture in your bathroom as it helps one complete personal grooming activity such as brushing teeth, shaving, putting on makeup and combing ones hair. Here one can use bulbs with shades or globes that help soften the light such as it won’t dazzle one’s eyes as they complete their personal grooming activities.

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