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Your Dining room is a very important area in your house; and this is the area where families will enjoy their meals. It could be a family dinner with friends, or simply a romantic dinner for two; although this is not al that a dining room can be used for. People can have coffee with guests, or the kids can do their homework on the Dining room table. Regardless what you use your dining room for, the Dining room lighting has to be soft and warm and set the mood for any occasion.

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Great Dining Room Lighting Options for Your Home Chandeliers For large Dining rooms, chandeliers will be appropriate as they provide adequate lighting at different levels in the Dining room space. They should be however hung high such that people do not hit their heads on the table when they are about to sit or are exiting the table. The type of chandelier you choose will depend on the table and room size. For a modern look in your Dining area, go for those chandeliers with metal finishes such as antique bronze. Those who wanted an old vintage look can go for the classic Brass chandeliers or antique chandeliers that have either crystal or glass droplets. Make sure to choose chandeliers that mask the bulbs in such a way that they are not harsh or shine on people’s faces on the table. A great way to do this is to have the bulbs point towards the ceiling or have the shades face the ceiling to diffuse the light. Lamps This is another great way to light your Dining room area with a touch of class. Lamps are elegant and can be placed on other pieces of furniture found in the Dining room. To get the most out of the lamps always make sure they are placed appropriately in the room. They should also match with the furniture in which they occupy or otherwise they would look awkward and out of place. Candles Candles are one of the most popular Dining room lighting fixtures in the world. They can be placed on the table as lovely centre pieces in a home without children or on the buffet or shelf found in the Dining room. Candles have decorative items that can be added onto them such as decorative rocks or maple leaf garland depending on the occasion. Candlelight is good for creating a romantic and intimate mood or atmosphere at dinner as they encourage people to relax which help them open up. Always choose unscented candles that won’t interfere with the smell of food during dinner. Wall scones Scones can be mounted on the wall on either side of your Dining room to emit a gentle glow which is ideal for the Dining area and add a touch of class too. They are less direct unlike lighting features such as track lights and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes such wrought iron and glass. Track lighting The great thing about track lighting is that they do not only add décor and provide lighting in the Dining room; it allows one to change the direction of light.

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