The kitchen is one area that sees a lot of activities; therefore kitchen lighting should be done to make this room a convenient and versatile space. Kitchen areas are not only workstations for the home but also a meeting place for close family members and friends. This means that lighting in this critical area should be just appropriate. The illumination should also be functional as well as comfortable enough for all people who operate in this space.

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Overview - Kitchen


The kitchen area is one of the places that require the best illumination around the house; this is because due to the nature of activities that goes on here poor lighting can result in to ugly incidents. Poorly lit kitchen areas can be a breeding ground for house vermin such as rats and cockroaches among other undesirables. Due to the heightened activities at meal times poor illumination is likely to result in to accidents as the people using the kitchen strain to see better in darkness. The following light fixtures are ideal for your kitchen: Under cabinet lights-these are usually slim, low-voltage lights that provide instant light to counter tops and cabinets. There are available in miniature track light, low voltage disks or linear systems, energy efficient fluorescent are most ideal for the kitchen area. Fluorescent surface mount-these provide bright even light due to their large surface. They are quite popular for their excellence in color rendering. Full spectrum makes them quite attractive to use. Recessed down lights-these can be installed above the sink, they will provide even illumination. They are very efficient in providing light for cooking, baking and washing utensils. Since they leave less shadows most people consider them very ideal for the kitchen area Pendants-these can be used to illuminate a breakfast bar or island counter. The lights are quite idea for most of the indoor purposes including task and general lighting. Pendants provide layers of light that is quite ideal for most of kitchen work making it a favorite option for most people. Chandeliers-one or two chandeliers overhanging the kitchen table are just ideal for illuminating the kitchen counter. Close to ceiling-they offer ambience due to their various shapes such as mushroom, dome and pendant. They are good for general lighting and are indicator of great taste for the individual. Ceiling fans-these are lights that are dual purpose; they act as fans while at the same time giving illumination. Track lights-these are ideal for their ability to concentrate light to particular areas, they are ideal for illuminating chopping boards, sinks and stoves. Since kitchen lighting is an important consideration the light fixtures provided for illumination should be ideal in all respects. The lights should neither be too bright nor too dark as to hinder the activities that are central to the kitchen. Striking the right not in kitchen illumination goes a long way to enhance the appeal of the whole house since most people tends to ignore the kitchen and concentrate with other areas of the house such as the living room since most family members and guest spend more time there.

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